Mouse over any of the 26 vertebrae that make up the spine on the left to see how each corresponds to different areas of your body.
Areas Controlled:
Blood Supply Pituitary Gland Scalp Bones of the Face Brain
Eyes Optic Nerves Auditory Nerves Sinuses Mastoid Bones Tongue Forehead
Cheeks Outer Ear Teeth Trifacial Nerve Bones of the Face
Nose Lips Mouth Eustachian Tube
Vocal Cords Pharynx Neck Glands
Neck Muscles Shoulders Tonsils
Thyroid Glands Shoulders Elbows
Forearms Hands Wrists Fingers Esophagus Trachea
Heart Coronary Arteries
Lungs Bronchial Tubes Pleura Chest Breast
Gallbladder Common Duct
Liver Solar Plexus Nervous System
Pancreas Duodenum
Adrenal Glands Suprarenal Glands
Small Intestines Lymph Circulation
Large Intestines Inguinal Rings
Appendix Abdomen Upper Leg
Sex Organs Uterus Bladder Knees
Prostate Gland Lower Back Muscles Sciatic Nerve
Lower Legs Ankles Feet
Hip Bones Buttocks
Rectum Anus